How it works

Coaching is all about conversation, and these conversations are structured in such a way so as to ensure a constant influx of new ideas and opportunities. Irrespective of how the process is called.

To change your ways, it is not enough to merely acquire some knowledge. Revealing a different view of one’s situation calls for an inner reassessment, an emotional epiphany. Should these conditions be met, one will, metaphorically speaking, establish in a new command post, ready to make decisions. The resulting changes are apparent, affecting one’s posture, voice and gaze, swapping boredom for involvement.
A coach is someone who has studied to be a person of support, a thinking partner. Their obligation is to ensure an emotionally safe, quality space for research and experimentation. No advice is given because only those ideas that are of inner origin have enough energy for fulfillment.

Languages: English, Russian, Latvian.

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“Each time I come to you I feel like everything is possible.”
“Pharmacies must have you available on prescription.“ 

“You know what you’re doing.”

"I was so impressed with the way that Zaiga, as an artist, was able to 'see' what I was exploring or thinking. An artist brings a different perspective and adds angles and colour in a way that many coaches sometimes do or, or cannot. It makes the coaching process richer. All coaches use the summing up technique. It is important to check understanding and to provide direction and momentum. Zaiga sums up differently. She likes to do it in a shorter and sharper way. This in itself is a real skill. What I found was that the summing up always led to me thinking differently about what I had previously said – Zaiga's shortcut had opened up more ideas and choices. Like magic!" (Simon Noth, coach)


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